Louisiana Workers Compensation Employer’s Education Conference

Louisiana Workers Compensation

How do employers learn to navigate the maze that is Louisiana workers’ compensation? Who trains the employers? The answer is usually “no one” and employers are often left to learn from their own mistakes. Well, rather than just training the insurance adjusters working the file, we are going to train everyone! Learn best practices created in response to all the mistakes made by other employers in the past, and those few elements of Louisiana workers’ compensation that actually benefit the employer. If the law cannot be changed to better favor the employer, Parker & Landry will simply make the employers better at playing the game.

Employee Education Conference

2023 Louisiana Workers Compensation Employer Education Conference

Employers can expect to learn how to handle each step of the workers’ compensation process, from preparation before an accident to getting the employee back to work, if possible. More importantly, they will learn what not to do and how to protect their business throughout the process. 


Time Topic
1:00pm Introduction
1:20pm What Should I Do Before an Accident?
2:20pm We Had an Accident – Now What?
3:20pm BREAK
3:30pm How Can I Help Resolve the Case?
4:30pm How Do I Make an Accident Hurt Less? (eMod Management)
4:50pm Closing Remarks

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