Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson - Attorney - Parker & Landry Law Firm

About Patrick

In about 1994, while near the end of my enlistment with the United States Marine Corps, I was the S-2 Intelligence Chief of Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron 314, and I can rather clearly remember telling a fellow Marine that I had no intention of working in an office when my enlistment was finished. And that is a perfect example of the sharpness of my predictive skills.

So, since the senior partners would not agree to me putting my biography to song, I thought I would write a little about myself. I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and gifted with my mother’s immature sense of humor and my father’s maniacal sense of dedication to a task required by others. I then followed my life-long dream of joining the United States Marine Corps. After my enlistment was over, I indulged in my love of history and received my bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After realizing that I may not be cut out for academia, I made my way to Louisiana State University to try my hand at law school. After graduating in 2003, I joined Allen & Gooch, where I learned, and then specialized in, workers’ compensation defense. It was only there, under the tutelage of some of the best in the field, I found my calling. I found that I enjoyed representing employers and insurers and helping them perform their jobs, as related to work-related accidents, better and easier.  My dedication allows me to work harder and longer, so my adjusters would work smarter and worry less. For the employers I defend, I take it as a matter of pride that I have the skills to help them protect their hard-earned finances.

When the opportunity arose, I joined Parker & Landry to further my specialization in workers’ compensation. When the opportunity arises, which it does often, you can find me sharing my tips and best practices to my clients. I also speak regularly at seminars on workers’ compensation throughout the state. Otherwise, I will be defending your claims.

Honestly, my humor comes through in almost everything that comes out of my mouth or is put on paper.  Your jobs are hard enough; why not enjoy a laugh or a joke to release some of that tension? As I often mention to my clients, we either get through this together, or we will have adjoining rooms at the asylum.

When not at work, limited as that non-work time may be, you will find me doing whatever my blind and deaf old doggy demands of me, running errands for my girlfriend, begging Mike Parker to take me fishing, reading history or weird fiction from the pulps of the 1930’s and 1940’s, praying that the LSU Tigers football team can build upon past glories, collecting old English tobacco pipes (not even I can explain that one), building an impressive vertical of Laphroaig scotch, collecting classic military firearms, and possessing one of largest collection of old black and white horror and science fiction movies in the country.