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Why your choice of law firm matters...

Realizing that any legal service can always be improved upon, Parker & Landry, LLC is changing the way that legal services are provided to employers and insurers by returning to relationships that are personal rather than distant. What makes a law firm truly useful to its clientele is not an imposing office, photographs of stern attorneys waiting to do battle, and boastful statements that speak more to the skill of the marketing company hired than to the law firm’s daily operations. What makes a law firm an asset to its clientele is its willingness to stand by its clients not only during litigation but both before and afterwards. It is the dedication to do the utmost to protect its client in litigation, and to work with its client on an ongoing basis to take lessons learned and improve how its clients handle similar situations in the future. Parker and Landry will be there with you immediately upon an accident and through trial, but more importantly, we will be there to make sure your personnel are properly trained and policies are enacted and followed to best protect your needs.

Worker's Compensation

Few areas of Louisiana law change as quickly as workers’ compensation defense given the volume of claims filed each year. To protect your interests, you need a law firm that approaches the defense of your claims as a team, where good information is shared, and warnings are circulated. At Parker & Landry, you get the benefit of a firm built around those ideals, so you benefit from the skill and knowledge of all of our attorneys rather than only the one handling your file. The skill and reputation of our attorneys has led us to represent employers from some of the world’s largest retailers and oilfield service companies to smaller versions in those same fields and every employer in between. In addition to litigating your claims, Parker & Landry is also available to help you navigate the following areas: preparation of Second Injury Fund applications; preparation for Second Medical Opinions; preparation and applications for Independent Medical Examinations; training employers to instill best practices; and assisting you with obtaining full and final settlements of your claims for the right value.

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General Liability

General liability defense covers a lot of situations such as construction defects, environmental torts, class action litigation, insurance coverage claims, employment claims, products liability cases, and automobile and trucking claims. The attorneys at Parker & Landry are experienced with these types of claims and more. Our attorneys have appeared on behalf of our clients in both State and Federal courts to protect the interests of clients who entrust us with their largest problems. Our attorneys also know that what works in one case may not be beneficial in another case. For example, in one case the best strategy may be providing a vigorous defense at trial, while in another case, it may be alternative resolution methods including mediation or arbitration. Because of our depth of knowledge in general liability and workers’ compensation defense, we are capable of addressing cases from a subrogation standpoint in order to properly address liens that may be owed to our clients. The law and legal environment are always changing, and our firm was developed from the ground up to address your needs in an ever-evolving world.

General Business Consulting

From opening a business to providing simple but effective advice on the day-to-day operations, Parker & Landry is available to help you navigate your business needs. Our attorneys have experience with drafting and amending bylaws and operating agreements, drafting and negotiating contracts, assisting with employment related issues, providing compliance related legal advice, and instilling best practices to assist you with avoiding the costs of future litigation. Solutions do not need to be complicated to be effective. Our attorneys are here to help you grow and properly protect your business.

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Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Even with proper protections and negotiations involving the day-to-day operations of your company, sometimes parties do not agree, and litigation ensues. In any court, whether State or Federal, the attorneys at Parker & Landry are prepared to represent your business interests. Whether it’s derivative actions, breach of contract litigation, non-compete allegations, or other non-tort related lawsuits against your business, we are fully prepared to aggressively advocate on behalf of your company.


We assist companies in instances where, for one reason or another, they are unable to secure payment for services performed. We represent companies throughout the entire collection process, from drafting and sending the initial demand letter to presenting the case before a court of competent jurisdiction in order to secure the most optimal result. Our goal is always to secure funds to which you are legally entitled.



From employment visas and facilitating work visas for valuable employees that may not satisfy the necessary requirements for sponsorship to family-based petitions, we assist both individuals and companies in all matters related to immigration law.