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Parker & Landry, LLC

In an effort to better serve their respective clients, Michael Parker and Keith Landry founded Parker & Landry, LLC in September 2021. Joining them on this venture were Patrick Johnson, Corey Meaux, Andres Gomez, and Meghan Trahan. Though Parker & Landry was founded in 2021, the attorneys associated with the firm have almost 90 years of combined legal experience. We have litigated a variety of legal claims in various courts throughout the State of Louisiana, including workers’ compensation claims, trucking litigation, class action lawsuits, insurance coverage disputes, products liability cases, construction cases, and corporate litigation. We take pride in making ourselves available to our clients whenever they may need us, and we thoroughly enjoy assisting them with the growth of their respective businesses.

“Most law firms will tell you that they are always thinking outside the box… we ignore the box altogether.”

Straight From our Founders

“Our number one goal at Parker & Landry is to provide the highest level of selectively aggressive service to our clients. There is no problem that is too big or too small for us to handle.”

Michael Parker - Attorney - Parker & Landry Law Firm
Michael Parker
Managing Partner, Attorney at Law
“In addition to litigation, we are constantly facilitating open communication between our clients and experts in various fields, including medical providers, case managers, and investigators. That is the advantage of Parker & Landry.”
Keith Landry - Attorney - Parker & Landry Law Firm
Keith Landry
Special Counsel

80+ years of combined experience

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sandy howard

Office Manager

Mary Ann Parker

Billing Coordinator

lisa roy

Legal Assistant to Michael Parker

morgan calhoon

Paralegal to Michael Parker

Camille Swanson

Legal Assistant to Corey Meaux

Millie Turner

Legal Assistant to Corey Meaux

Amanda Adams

Legal Assistant/Paralegal to Keith Landry

Gwen landry

Legal Assistant/Paralegal to Patrick Johnson

alex goldberg

Paralegal to Patrick Johnson

Aleah perro

Legal Assistant to Andres Gomez

Crissinda Chiasson

Legal Assistant to Meghan Trahan