Wrapping Up Our First Year in Business

Wrapping Up Our First Year in Business

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Parker & Landry, LLC is proud to announce that we have completed our first year of business! We would not be where we are without the team that stuck with us through our growing pains and the clients that had faith in our new venture. We thank you for your support!

Michael Parker and Keith Landry opened the firm in September of 2021 with the goal of providing clients with outstanding and readily available legal services. The firm was opened with the help of trusted attorneys with whom Keith and Michael have worked in the past, including Patrick A. Johnson, Corey Meaux and Andres Gomez, later bringing in Meghan Trahan to assist with our steadily increasing caseload. Throughout this first year, we have surpassed our own expectations for the expansion and development of the practice. From humble beginnings, like sitting on the floor putting together our office furniture, we have a great appreciation for the hard work required to get us here and the success we have seen as a result. Our team has steadily grown as our practice continues to expand and we anticipate even more growth in 2023 and beyond.

Now we look forward to a bright future! While continuing our diligent service to clients, we will relentlessly pursue more ways to provide value and knowledge from our outstanding attorneys and staff. It is our aim to make each lesson a way to improve upon the processes and practices used by clients to make their lives as efficient as possible.

Year one is officially in the books! Parker & Landry, LLC looks forward to many, many more years of providing the highest level of legal services to our clients while enjoying the company of our attorneys and staff on a daily basis.

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